How much beer could a Pennichuck chuck?

[label]Pennichuck “Pozharnik” Espresso Russian Imperial Stout (New Hampshire) – Sweet, toffee-infused, moka-brewed coffee. Aside from the sweetness, which will be problematic for some, this is very deftly done, and entirely delicious. (1/08)

Pennichuck “Bagpiper’s” Scottish Ale (New Hampshire) – Smoky (apparently deliberately so) and heavy, but despite the weirdness it’s a joy to drink. (1/08)


  • Anonymous

    January 27, 2008

    Tired of the same old beer?
    “Then ‘chuck’ it!”

    First, thanks for buying and enjoying our beer. I must say, I’ve not ever thought of describing Bagpiper Scottish Ale as “weirdness”. Intentionally smokey but the degree of which, being a truly hand-crafted beer, was not under absolute control as we ran down to a local “Hollis, NH” apple orchard to pick up some of their tree prunings with which to smoke a percentage of the grain bill. The result, in our opinion, was both unpredictable and delicious.

    In closing, if every beer was made to fit pristinely into a BJCP style guideline, as broad as they can be, we would have a fairly bland beer market. We constantly praise our fellow brewers for reaching into their creativity channels when they come up with something new and exciting. Afterall, pleasing the taste buds goes far beyond a name or a style.

    Thanks again for ‘chucking!

    Phil Jewett, President
    Pennichuck Brewing Company
    Milford, NH

  • thor iverson

    January 28, 2008

    Well, as I think the note indicated, I’m fond of weirdness. But the combination of Scottish and rauch isn’t exactly conventional, and takes a little while to get used to.


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