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Sanguine – One of the restaurants at Oslo’s utterly breathtaking and spanking-new opera house. If only Sydney’s was this nice. We’re here with a large assemblage of Theresa’s conference co-attendees, and the food is about what one would expect from a group event at a venue that probably doesn’t need to care to succeed. Is that enough of a caveat? There’s a thick gazpacho with shrimp, which is actually much tastier than I’d expect, followed by a flavorless steak with mushrooms, squash, and potatoes slathered with herbed butter. There’s also a dessert of some sort, but it’s not memorable enough to be noted here. And there are a few wines from what seems (based on what I see going around the room in the hands of waters) to be a pretty good wine list. We, of course, are on the conference budget plan, so the more elevated realms of the list are closed to us (and anyway, I have nothing to do with picking the wines). (9/08)


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