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Wine-related sites that I think are interesting. All are included of my own volition; any paid links will be clearly noted. The absence of any particular site should not necessarily be interpreted as a statement on the value of that site, though a few absences are indeed pointed. If you'd like to see your link here, contact me; however, I do not promise that I will link to any site sent to me for inclusion, nor do I promise to link to a site without including commentary reflective of my own opinions of that site. Reciprocity is appreciated but should be earned. (Note: all links open an external window.)

Professional & commercial wine sites

  • Jancis Robinson
    The best wine writer on the planet, definitely the hardest-working, and one of the finest people I've met in the wine writing community.
  • Burghound
    Allen "Burghound" Meadows' portal site to his focused and incredibly incisive newsletter. Unparalleled insight.
  • The Fine Wine Review
    Claude Kolm's newsletter, featuring experienced and opinionated wine criticism with a clear point of view. There's a reasion Jean-Louis Chave called Claude "a great taster."

    Blogs & personal wine sites

  • The Wine Anorak
    Jamie Goode's well-known and (frankly) brilliant all-encompassing site. One of the best writers out there, albiet from a highly scientific point of view; Jamie is at his best when challenging doctrine with data.
  • The Compleat Winegeek
    If Jancis isn't the best wine writer on the planet, Chris Coad is. He's certainly got more hair. On the other hand...and just between us...I suspect his cat had a lot to do with the longer narratives on his site.
  • Wine of the Week
    New Zealand wine writer Sue Courtney's expansive and individualistic site on all things oenophilic. Primarily, but certainly not exclusively, focused on New Zealand wines.
  • Wine Camp
    Craig Camp (isn't it nice when your name lends itself to clever titles?) writes with confident, experienced authority on subjects spanning the world of wine. I don't always agree with him, but he expresses himself so well and -- a rarity amongst wine commentators -- backs his arguments up with facts to such an extent that I occasionaly find myself thoroughly convinced. That's good writing.
  • Élevage
    Vincent Fritzsche's blog. At oenoLogic, we're all about vanity sites. (Hey, is there any way we could get a mirror installed on ours?)

    Other useful & interesting sites

  • Appellation America
    The first decent attempt at a comprehensive guide to North American appellations, grapes, and wineries.
  • Tom Stevenson's guide to aromas & flavors
    Hosted by Tom Cannavan's Wine Pages, and an excellent guide to the chemistry behind organoleptics. There is a school of wine criticism that is particularly attuned to this methodology, which takes the analytics of the WSET, MW and MS degrees to an extreme, and while I do not personally embrace it (see the faq), I find it interesting and useful.
  • Grape Glossary
    Anthony Hawkins' stupendous guide to wine grape varieties. Until Jancis updates Vines, Grapes & Wines, this is as good as it gets.
  • Full Glass Research
    Christian is a friend of mine, but I don't like him. I don't like him because he frequently has actual data to support his refutations of my arguments. I find this annoying. Where would the internet be without unsupported drivel?
  • Kiwi Wine Fan Club
    "Who the hell are we?" they ask. They're Kiwis, of course, so they don't mean it existentially. The real strength of this site is a particular sort of depth: tastings done with contextual verticality (sometimes because the tastings themselves are verticals). That's valuable stuff.

    Other oenoLogics

    There's a wine merchant in Ireland who shares the name of this site. We're not in competition, but as he sent me a nice note, I thought it would be courteous to point interested parties towards his (not on the web, though occasionally available via Wine Searcher) business: Brian Guinan, Oenologic, 35 St. Helen's Rd., Booterstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Phone: 00353863544326.

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