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So, blogs. Co-branded blogs. Blogs whose names are so identical (or almost-identical) to the name of this site that even I get confused. Isn't this some sort of sign of the apocalypse? Or a triumph of marketing? And aren't those pretty much the same thing?

Anyway, back to blogs. There are two of them. The first is oenoLogic, where you'll find essays, thoughts, random libel*, musings and assorted eccentricities. Wine-related, sure -- or at least, mostly so -- but occasionally devoid of tasting notes, unless they're relevant to the point at hand. Some of the content there exists in a more native form here (mostly the travelogues), but much of it is unique to that blog.

The other, oenoLog, is dedicated to the pursuit of the tasting note. Over, and over, and over again, until one is blue in the face and purplish in the teeth. Blogger's tagging feature (the long list of links on the bottom right of that site) helps sort things out, but I find the search function at the top to be just about as useful.

And there you have it. oenoLog. oenoLogic. All the bloggy fun you'd ever want, given a sufficiently misanthropic definition of "fun."

* Um, not really. My high-priced legal team made me add this. Besides, suing writers is pretty much like that whole blood from a stone thing.


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