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Contact Thor Iverson.

The same thing I just said, only in much longer form: please feel free to email me, though I should caution that the address has spam filters that may inadvertantly catch otherwise innocuous messages. Employing plain text with no attachments, images, elaborate signatures or formatting will help in this regard; I do check my spam directories, but less often than my inbox. Also, an important warning: especially interesting comments whether positive or negative will be considered as addenda to the parts of this site that they reference; if you absolutely do not want to see your enraged counterpoint in print, please say so at the outset.

Alternatively, please make use of the comments feature on the oenoLogic blog, where you may share your outrage (or, preferably, insight) with the world.

If you're asking for a link to your site, please see the introductory text on the links page to learn why that may or may not happen.


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