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Willow Rosenbourg

[bottle]Paul Blanck 1998 Riesling Rosenbourg (Alsace) – Oxidized. There’s some steely stuff attempting to cling to life, but it can’t fight the big O. I’d worry more about the scourge of premature oxidation were the cork not a shrunken head of badness. (8/08)

Malte beverage

André Blanck 2005 Riesling “Ancienne Cour des Chevaliers de Malte” (Alsace) – Better than previous years’ versions, with a fine, molten-metal core around which are draped lighter soils and firm, deep citrus sashes and tightly-wound cords of acidity. This should age. (3/08)

White Willow

André Blanck 2004 Pinot Blanc Rosenburg (Alsace) – Gentle and somewhat timid, showing stone fruit and a little acidity, but not much in the way of a defining character or statement. Not that one should expect too much from pinot blanc, but still… (12/07)

Blanck slate

[label]Blanck 2002 Gewurztraminer Altenbourg (Alsace) – Beautiful peach, pear, cashew and light lychee with a strong, crystallized mineral core and fine balance. I’ve always thought this was ageable, and now that the first throes of youth have passed, I’m even more sure. But it’s in a really good place right now, as well. (7/07)

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