Q, M, 007

Quintas de Malgaço “QM” 2006 Vinho Verde Alvarinho (Monção) – Spice in the form of a tightly-packed carbon froth, crystallized lemon-lime, dulled-razor acidity, and a quasi-electric texture. A few bottles of the half-dozen tasted are starting to water up, but the rest retain their full intensity. Do these wines age? It seems almost like a waste to find out. (5/08)


  • Fred

    March 28, 2012

    I was the Production manager of that particular wine. I may say that 2006 was a year were that the harvest was done sooner than usual but a perfect relation between acids, sugar and grape healthy was beautifully achieved reflecting in a good acidity and really low volatility acidity On the top of that the cork has enough quality to keep the wine… The best to age is Castrus De Melgaco, a small vat that received the the most promising parcels from our producers around the Village.
    Castrus got more skin Maceration before inducing fermentation and also less extraction on the press. A lot of science and knowledge was put in that wine and I even slept with that small vat ;)
    If you have the opportunity try it and give me so reply. Fred

    • thor iverson

      March 28, 2012

      I haven’t seen that wine in a while, but if I do I’ll stash some away. Thanks.


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