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Praise for Thor Iverson

Please note that employers and titles below were correct when received; some of these people have since moved on.

I read your column with regularity and just wanted to pipe in and let you know that it's among the most readable and unassuming writing about wine out there. I really respect what it is you try to do. Keep up the good work.

Jason Christian, Harvard University Press

Perhaps the rarest find in the whole world of wine is not that bottle of Screaming Eagle, Colgin or rare Montrachet. The rarest of all things is a truly fresh and intriguing voice from the world of wine writers. Thor Iverson, writing for the Uncorked section of the Boston Phoenix, is just such a voice. Independent, vigorous, and informed…Iverson is able to combine a sharp wit and an obvious depth of knowledge with a rich writing style. This is a rare talent. It reminds this writer of the work of the unparalleled Gerald Asher in Gourmet, but with more street sense. He also is able to communicate his wonder at the complexity of wine.

Over the past 10 years, I've made understanding the American wine press an important part of my occupation. I've read the work of nearly everyone in the country who fancies themselves wine writers. There are many good ones, a slew of average writers, a few very bad ones, and the occasional outstanding writer. Thor Iverson is the latter. Run, don't walk, to his words.

Tom Wark, Director of Content, Winebid.com

You describe the art of enjoying wine in such a profound and philosophical manner that you elevated the simple idea of enjoying a glass of wine to a virtual art. To me the way you describe about tasting a wine is like trying to understand a Zen koan. It's just not a search for an instant physical satisfaction but, more importantly, it's trying to make a connection with the wine maker, the fruit, the growing conditions and it's location.

Trung Nguyen, reader

One of the most witty and literate wine writers I know, Thor could teach us all how to write about wine

Robin Garr, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, wine writer & creator of
The Wine Lovers’ Page, the largest wine-related site on the Web

Glad to see you have your NZ notes up on a website. They are nothing short of spectacular. I have never read any travel/ wine review in any format, anywhere, at any time that is as well put together as yours.

Craig Thomson, Kiwi Wine Fan Club

I just read through the interview and my complements to you for a great job! Very thorough and informative plus the ‘real’ Gina Gallo shows through.

Carmen J. Castorina, Director of Communications, E. & J. Gallo Winery

I read your interview of Véronique Drouhin with great interest. You really got some wonderful details and insights about her life, her family and herself. You are a great interviewer!

Patrick Séré, Director, Dreyfus, Ashby & Co.

Just wanted to commend you on the article you wrote this week. I found it fair and balanced and not placating to anyone. Very refreshing!

Dan Boissonnault, University Wine Shop, Cambridge, MA

I've read your column over the past few years whenever we've visited and find your commentary spot on...a rarity in the wine press at all levels really.

Rob Forman, Regional Salesperson, Winebow

I feel compelled to put it on the record that you have consistently elevated the level of oenophilic education in your Phoenix column.

John Simon, reader

I enjoy your column. Since I get to see most of what's written about wine, I know for sure that actually writing about wine is both far more interesting and more reader service than anything else.

Jim Caudill, VP Public Relations, Kendall-Jackson Winery

My other reason for writing is to offer some long-overdue praise for the consistently high quality of your writing. What most especially sticks in my mind is the column you wrote last year about the issues of professional ethics encountered by a wine journalist. It's easily the best piece I've ever read on the subject -- which, it must be confessed, is not one of the most popular and frequently discussed topics in the wine media. Even so, it was a refreshingly lucid and thoughtful essay, above your normally high standard, and I'm pleased I finally stumbled into an occasion to express my appreciation.

John J. Simon, reader

Anyway, I wanted to say that all of your archived articles are really nicely written -- so friendly, so personal -- they're great; and they address issues that folks who like wine but don't have much knowledge of often wonder about but usually never bother asking.

Colleen McKinney, Food & Wine Books

I started picking up the Phoenix again when your column started running there. It was and remains the best wine read in the Boston area.

Eden Stone, wine educator

I read your article 'Buying wine by the back label' and I want to thank you for it. I am an importer, and although I only distribute my wines in the Midwest, I welcome your opinion and its availability on the Internet. You have provided some credibility to something I tell my customers.

Ron Spears, President, Grape News Importing, Ltd.

I appreciate your Uncorked columns when I see them. Nice to see signs of intelligent life here and there.

Gerald Weisl, Weimax Wines & Spirits, Burlingame, CA

Word of your article on the Veneto rapidly reached me here in our home office. Your kind words about our wines and your attention to detail are much appreciated.

Lara Zahaba, Director of Public Relations, Winebow

As someone who has been following Thor's columns since they began appearing in the Phoenix, I'd just like to add my own voice to the rest. I was quite impressed with his first few articles, which contrasted dramatically (in a very good way) with the work of the other wine writers in the local papers. I still think that his first few columns offer an excellent introduction to wine, and recommend them to beginners as a good overview.

Marcel Lachenmann, reader

Thanks again for the great writing, I continue to enjoy reading your articles.

Lisa Anderson, marketing representative, Corus Brands

I have been reading the Uncorked articles and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your writing. I have found the articles very informative and easy reading with great information on wines. In fact, I found your site from a link only two months ago. I have since read every article in the archives.

Michael D. Hurst, reader

What a pleasure to have good wine writing in a local newspaper…not a common thing.

Doug Metz, managing director, Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America

Thank you so very much for your brilliant wine tasting class. I really really enjoyed it; it actually made not only my Thursdays but my everyday life so happy - full of expectation.

Youngjeen Cho, student


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