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bacar Ė Iíve circulated among the various wine bars within striking distance of San Franciscoís metropolitan center, and always find myself returning to bacar as the best of the lot. Itís a little out of the way, especially now that SoMa is in transition from a ghost town of dot-com carcasses to a sort of extended gateway to ďthe house that Bonds built,Ē but itís almost always worth the trip. What Iíve yet to do is eat here. Well, someday. (4/05)

bacar Ė Packed, which renders service a little slow, and yet itís good to see this excellent wine bar in fine economic health despite its slightly difficult location. My only complaint Ė and itís a minor one Ė is that, for several years now, the enticing wine list has been rather dominated by blowsy 2003s. I suppose they have to sell through their stock, but Iím looking forward to being able to order Austrian, German, and other higher-acid whites with more confidence that Iím going to enjoy the results. (4/06)

Note: the wine list is under new management, and I haven't been back since the change.


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