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Bar Anduriña (Creu Coberta, 38) – Despite a sheaf of information that includes hundreds of restaurants recommendations, I’ve got nothing in our immediate area. So we wing it, which usually leads to fairly mediocre meals. This isn’t much of an exception, though we’re finding that even mediocre food in Barcelona is a touch more interesting than elsewhere. We start with a small plate of cured anchovies and a mixed platter of cheese and various forms of ibérico ham, both served with the ubiquitous pan amb tomaquet. Theresa continues with the ham while I opt for a plate of ibérico-based pinchos in a spicy sauce, washed down by a bland but thirst-quenching Estrella Galicia. It’s fortifying, if not inspiring, food, served by a waitress with more sour in her than your average lemon. But it does possess the virtue of being cheap. (10/06)


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