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Wine Blogger Manifesto, #5

There’s no reason a blog has to be serious. But if you want to be taken seriously, act seriously. This doesn’t mean you can’t be funny, or consciously vapid, or light-hearted, or antagonistic, or anything else a blogger might want to be. But authority is not handed out at request. For example, the right to be contrary and not be judged as merely reactionary is earned through effort and experience, not by the act of being contrary.

Wine Blogger Manifesto, #3

The first duty of the wine blogger is to accuracy. The second is to truth. And yet, the most important thing a blogger can be is interesting. This is a fundamental and occasionally unresolvable tension, but it must be confronted with every post.

Wine Blogger Manifesto, #2

My responsiblity is to myself and to my readers. Not to producers, importers, distributors, retailers, restauranteurs, PR agencies, or marketing entities.