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Seville sparkler

Barboursville Brut (Virginia) – White grapefruit and green watermelon rind, bouncing between sweet and dry. Pretty decent, though it gets a little plasticky near the end. (7/12)


[vineyard]White Hall 2006 Pinot Gris (Virginia) – Acrid and sweaty, with a stewed refuse aroma that never quite goes away. The dominant character is rotten, yet underripe, pear skin, and there’s some tonic and stem as well. No good, in case it isn’t obvious. (8/08)


[label]Barboursville Brut (Virginia) – Goofily pleasant, but standing up to absolutely no scrutiny, with it’s simple-minded fruit fresh enough for mindless quaffing only. If attention is paid, it tastes overly sweet for its raw materials. With a little more effort, though, I think there could be something more serious here. (1/08)

It’s a cru, cru summer

[bottles]Kluge Estate “Cru” “Mélange Nouveau” (Virginia) – Apparently, this is a chardonnay brandy or something along those lines. But it tastes like a bad piña colada. And getting caught in the rain. (10/07)

TN: Breaux bummer

[bottle]Breaux 2005 Viognier (Virginia) – Somewhat confused, with faint suggestions of flowers hollowed out by a corrugated metal tube, leaving the center void and the edges uncertain. It’s not overworked, which is a blessing, but it doesn’t have much of what one drinks viognier for either. (6/07)