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Can you take me Shaya?

Shaya 2009 Rueda Verdejo (Castilla & León) – Boisterous yellow-green fruit, a little like fermented Mello Yello™ without the sugar – or at least without too much of it – but the cavorting can’t, in the end, hide the fact that this wine doesn’t have much to say once the Tiggerish bouncing has abated. (6/11)

Nau free

Scholium Project 2008 “Naucratis” Lost Slough (California) – 16.3% California verdejo, and isn’t there just bound to be a massive potential market for such a thing? Very spicy. Perfumed roses, lots of skin to the structure, huge, and very hot. This is served blind, and I get nowhere even vaguely close. (3/10)

TN: One & two

[verdejo]Sanz “Villa Narcisa” 2004 Rueda Verdejo (Castilla & León) – Grassy, limestone-dusted grapefruit from a quarry-side orchard, with briny acridity and a sharpening finish. Interesting. (9/06)

Alcohol: 13%. Closure: cork. Importer: Tedward. Web:

Forsoni “Poderi Sanguineto I e II” 2004 Rosso di Montepulciano (Tuscany) – Strawberries and old roses with a gentle, enticing earthiness and a nice little nip of acidity. This wine is the opposite of explosive or concentrated, and yet in its own soft-spoken way it is very nearly perfect. (9/06)

Prugnolo gentile (a/k/a sangiovese), canaiolo nero & mammolo. Alcohol: 13.5%. Closure: cork. Importer: Adonna. Web: