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[vine]Torbreck 2006 “Cuvée Juveniles” (Barossa Valley) – 14.5%. Heavy and ponderous. Charbucks coffee grounds, dried-out fruit, soup, stew, and leaden weight. Could this be heat-damaged? (6/08)

And we’d sing, sing, sing!

[vine]Torbreck 2006 “Woodcutter’s” Shiraz (Barossa Valley) – Demiglace of syrah, turned piney and pruney. There’s actually some acidity, but it flails around helplessly in the face of the dull-razor hacking and slashing of the slightly burnt fruit. While the worst sins of the Barossa are absent here, the wine’s still up to precious little good. (5/08)

Saignée clause

[vine]Torbreck 2006 “Saignée” (Barossa Valley) – Raspberry firewater. Scaldingly hot. Rosés are legendary for their imbalance, but this is just searing. Maybe it could be used for aggressive dentistry… (7/07)