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Fewer Coynes in the fountain

[coyne]Thomas Coyne 1999 Syrah Detjens Farms (Livermore Valley) — Pepper, herbs, liquid smoke, a lot of humid airspace. Whatever maturation was going to happen has, I think, happened, and now it’s a process of thinning. Drink up. (10/16)

Lovin’, Detjens, Squeezin’

Thomas Coyne 1999 Syrah Detjens Farm (Livermore Valley) – Interestingly, there is no alcohol indication anywhere on the label. I thought that was a regulatory no-no. Anyway, this has aged and not-aged, in a way that’s become fairly typical of California syrah. Smokier and more sepia-toned Old Western than it was, yet still full of primary-textured heft. This has not moved so much as…slid. Will more time help? Perhaps, but I lack another bottle with which to find out. (12/11)