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Pojer e Sandri Traminer Grappa (Trentino) – Sweaty and fetid, but in a “good” way that’s actually more or less expected from this grape, I think. Very rough-and-tumble, rolling earthy aromatics and decaying flowers around in a constant swirl, and so forceful in this motion that a sense of the grappa’s alcoholic heat is nearly absent. (11/10)


Pojer e Sandri Vigneti delle Dolomiti “Merlino” (Trentino) – Fortified lagrein. Intriguing. More high-toned and powdery than most fortified reds, which could well be a function of latitude, and whirling a bit under a heady sensation of crushed purple flowers. Good, mostly, but it doesn’t quite achieve the spicy richness of its more southerly brethren. Not that I’d expect it to. (12/09)

Follow your nosiola

[vineyard]Pojer & Sandri 2006 Nosiola (Trentino) – Very fragrant, but not lurid like muscat; it’s a perfume that seduces rather than assaults. And there’s an edgy, tactile zing that reminds me of txakolina in its more aggressive form. An exclamation point of a wine. (12/08)