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Early Rush tours

[lemasson]Lemasson “Les Vins Contés” Vin de France “R15” (Loire) — Grapey glou-glou, the taut gamay berries almost dominated by the minority pineau d’aunis (to which I am overly sensitive, and not in a good way, so never mind me). Not so much fun as attention-demanding. (5/16)

Rouquin & rollin’

Lemasson 2010 Vin de Table “Le P’tit Rouquin” (Loire) – Gamay, spiky and “natural”…by which, of course, I mean to indicate textural spritz and that carbonic touch of frothy proto-brett that marks the genre across grapes and sites. It’s extremely tasty, gluggable, fresh-faced stuff that should be drawn from taps into pitchers rather than carefully measured into crystal goblets. (11/11)