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Knights need huggs too

[vineyard]Marcel Hugg 2005 Gewurztraminer “Réserve des Chevaliers” (Alsace) – Solid, varietally correct gewürztraminer with a little added flash of crystalline lightboxing. Good, especially if viewed uncritically. (4/08)

Have you Hugged a Saint today?

[view]Hugg 2006 Riesling “Réserve Saint Jean” (Alsace) – If not dry, then very nearly so, with a straightforward filings-on-paper nose and a firm, slightly abrasive palate. All the elements are in balance, and it’s pleasant enough in the austere riesling sort of way, but it lacks distinguishing features. (12/07)

Huggy bear

[vineyard]Hugg 2006 Pinot Blanc (Alsace) – Pear and thin apricot, which are fine as far as they go. But why is this so sweet? Someone like Boxler gets away with this sort of residual sugar because their wines are so intense and laden with flavor. This, on the other hand, is a traditionally light-bodied pinot blanc, and the sugar just makes it taste insipid. (12/07)