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Ole & Salina jokes

Hauner 2004 Salina Rosso (Sicily) – Dill on the hose, with raw cherry and walnut. The palate is like a firepit, with a charcoal char vying with cedar woodmoke. Rough, wild, and dirty. And not that good. (2/07)

Don’t give me any Lipari

Hauner 2003 Malvasia delle Lipari “Passito” (Sicily) – Mixed cereal grains, oat bran, dried apricot, and corn nuts. Fat. Really strange, and while I’m inclined to blame the vintage, there might well be something else at work. (2/07)

Salina content

Hauner 2004 “Carlo Hauner” Salina (Sicily) – Complex, with earth, dried honey, flowers, and leesy minerals blending into stone fruit. Long and intense. Wow! (2/07)