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Travaglini guide

Travaglini 2001 Gattinara (Piedmont) – Aromatic roses. Lithe and medium-bodied. Soil notes, soft but growing a bit, then closing up again on the finish. Not bad, not good, just sort of indifferent. (2/07)

The Gattinara in the hat

[vineyard]Travaglini 2001 Gattinara (Piedmont) – Tar, but not so much with the roses…though there is a vague floral element here. Mostly, however, this is about pleasant organic elements, autumnal and humid, floating over a moldering bed of moistened earth. It’s fairly tasty, but doesn’t bear any sort of close examination. And I don’t know that it will reward much aging, either. (8/07)

TN: The Nervi of some people

[vineyard]Nervi 1990 Gattinara Vigneto Molsino (Piedmont) – Crushed soy flakes, smashed roses, and blackened, crunchy cereal. A little crusty. This is sort of an angry old man, and yet somehow it’s compelling as well. Strange. (6/07)