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frontón de oro

Frontón assault

Camaretas “Frontón de Oro” 2008 Tinto (Gran Canaria) – Negra común & tintilla. Structured (mostly tannin, though there’s noticeable acidity as well), smoky, and bretty. Rosemary hangs around, aromatizing things in a less stenchy way. More interesting than good, though it’s both; I’d prefer something a little cleaner, but it’s not bad. (4/12)

The canary that laid the golden egg

Camaretas “Frontón de Oro” 2008 Malpais (Gran Canaria) – A bit of a dead-weight slog; the fruit is good, showing tension between darker and lighter modes, but the wine just sort of sits there, bereft of life. This description matches few others’, so I’m forced to wonder about cork damage. (1/12)