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Les Brasseurs de Gayant “Amadeus” Bière Blanche (Flanders) – At first, the heavily-flavored (orange and coriander) sprightliness of this white ale is immensely appealing, with a detergent-like feel and a chalky texture. But it eventually starts to grate, lending not verve to what is otherwise a very light beer (even in this style), but a cloying artificiality. Good in quarter-portions, then. (3/09)


Les Brasseurs de Gayant “La Goudale” Bière Blonde à l’Ancienne (Flanders) – Boring, boring, boring. I wasn’t aware they could carbonate tedium. (3/09)

Les Brasseurs de Gayant “La Divine St-Landelin” Bière Dorée (Flanders) – All acute angles and upthrust pinkies, yet worth a guzzle when refreshment is a more immediate goal than taste. (3/09)


Thiriez “XXtra” Farmhouse Ale (Flanders) – Quite hoppy, with wheat and corn and a good deal of backpalate bitterness. Malty and herbal. Not very interesting, despite all this. (3/07)