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Cocagne & a smile

Cave Coopérative du Vendômois 2009 Coteaux du Vendômois Lieu-dit Cocagne Rosé (Loire) – Brittle, bony, and falling apart like eggshells. By which I don’t mean to suggest that the wine is disintegrating – in fact, it’s quite knit – just that it’s texturally fragile, like drinking pressurized eggshells. Light, floral, strawberryish and more than a bit volatile, but fun. (7/10)

She don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie: Cocagne

Cave Coopérative du Vendômois 2004 Coteaux du Vendômois Lieu-dit Cocagne (Loire) – A rosé of pinot d’aunis. Very, very pale, with a frigid quality at first opening. Then, it blossoms; almost literally, as in a bouquet full of highly aromatic, but not lurid, flowers over a stark landscape of clay-like minerality. This dances, soothes, and seduces. And it’s a breakthrough: the first pinot d’aunis I’ve ever liked. (7/08)