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Taillet one on

[label]Chartogne-Taillet Champagne Brut “Cuvée Sainte-Anne” (Champagne) – Very red-influenced, with ripe strawberries, rose hips, and leaves. Simple-seeming fruit is quickly followed up by waves of complex minerality (chalk seems to be the dominant component), and the finish is abundant with jewels and glitter. Very nice. (12/08)

Fiacre & a mule

Chartogne-Taillet 1996 Champagne Brut “Fiacre” (Champagne) – Mushroom and Rainier cherry, which is a combination I’m not sure I like. Crisp and maybe even a bit puckery. This never comes together for me, but following a moscato isn’t the easiest thing in the world. (9/08)