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Berkshire Brewing Co. Coffeehouse Porter (Massachusetts) – Deftly done, in that the coffee is quite apparent yet does not overtake the porter that it is supposed to support rather than dominate. Still, the blend adds a sort of overall caramelization…a sweetness…that not everyone will like. In smaller quantities than the large bottle format in which this comes, I think I’d like this a lot. (8/12)

Huddie Ledbetter

Berkshire Brewing Co. “Good Night Irene” West Coast Style IPA (Massachusetts) – One of the most confident IPAs I’ve tasted in a long time, relying not on extremity or amperage for attention, but instead presenting itself with utter clarity of purpose. Also, as a part-time resident of Vermont I can say this with conviction: F you, Hurricane Irene. (6/12)


Berkshire Brewing Co. “Lost Sailor” India Pale Ale (Massachusetts) – Bitter and dry, though both qualities work here to push the beer defiantly into a winged but not extreme position on its stylistic scale. It’s good, but I don’t like it as much as their “Steel Rail” bottling, which is much more to my Belgian-adoring tastes. I think those who’ve been raised in the English ale tradition will like this more. (1/11)

Berkshire Brewing Co. “Berkshire Ale” Traditional Pale Ale (Massachusetts) – Pairing a fulsomeness with embittered bite, this is balanced and stylish. No bells, few whistles, just solid quality. (2/11)

There’s a train a-comin’

Berkshire Brewing Co. “Steel Rail” Extra Pale Ale (Massachusetts) – A bar I frequent in my summer months used to serve this on draft, to my great joy. Alas, my joy was not shared, and the tap now pours something of less interest. This is a powerful, flavorful ale, full of spice, richness, and presence; it feels Belgian, even though it’s not by geography or construction. (10/10)