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That’s Sogrape

[bottle]Sogrape “Vinha do Monte” 2006 Alentejano (Portugal) – Dark, earth-clad berries with a fair amount of internal darkness. The structure, while still present, is already showing the initial signs of erosion. But the wine’s in a very good place at the moment, with or without food. (4/09)

Anlandroal sense of humor

[bottle]Alandroal “Pontual” 2004 Alentejano (Portugal) – 65% touriga naçional, 35% trincadeira. Straightforward dark berries, walnut skins, some unsweetened chocolate, and what appears to be a thick, enveloping sheathe of oak (expressed more as tannin than aroma, so I could be wrong about this). There’s a lot of density here, but to little end, and I can’t see anything source-specific about the wine either. Perhaps age will help. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s no joy to drink either. (2/09)


[tree]Santa Vitória 2007 Alentejano Branco (Portugal) – Dry, clean, dry, skin-toned, dry, seedy, and dry. I’ve never tasted such a parched wine. It makes me thirsty for something liquid. (2/08)

Santa Vitória 2006 Alentejano Branco (Portugal) – Fuller than the 2007, showing crisp melon and apple, but with layer upon layer of skin-dominated desiccation. Very interesting. (2/08)

Santa Vitória 2006 Alentejano Branco “Reserva” (Portugal) – Peach, apricot, and thick orange cream with good acidity. Big and full-fruited. Very tasty. (2/08)


Santa Vitória “Versátil” 2005 Alentejano Tinto (Portugal) – Dirty and angular, showing sharp-edged blackberries. Eh. (2/08)


[vineyard]Santa Vitória 2005 Alentejano Tinto (Portugal) – Blackberry, black cherry, and strawberry seeds. Tough tannins. I don’t see how this resolves into anything useful. (2/08)

Santa Vitória 2004 Alentejano Tinto “Reserva” (Portugal) – Lusher than its brethren, and more full-bodied, with blueberry and plum, a complexing rindy note, and a good deal of structure. Still, it’s just average. (2/08)


Santa Vitória “Inevitável” 2005 Alentejano Tinto (Portugal) – Big and dense, with chewy, chocolate-covered blackberries. Sophisticated but quite tannic at the moment; it will age, but I think the tannin will always be somewhat of a topnote. (2/08)