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100 barrel series

Catamount to much

[label]Harpoon “100 Barrel Series” Catamount Maple Wheat Ale (Massachusetts) – There’s an odd sleight-of-brew here, in that the maple is less present as a flavorant than as a weight-lending agent, which means that the resulting ale moves into the heavier realm of (say) Scotch Ale rather than a non-traditional wheat. It’s quite intriguing, and I like this a great deal. (3/09)


[label]Harpoon “100 Barrel Series” Rauchfetzen Ale (Massachusetts) – Light on the smoke, and fairly insufficient otherwise. It’s an easy quaff, but it doesn’t mean anything. On the positive side, it’s more drinkable as a standalone than most brews in this style. (2/09)

Comin’ through the rye

[label]Harpoon “100 Barrel Series” “Old Rusty’s” Red Rye Ale (Massachusetts) – With a little more structure (hoppy bitterness, to be precise) this would be a masterwork. As it is, it’s good, with a lot of copper-toned intensity and fine length. But it needs a little more framing. (9/08)


[label]Harpoon “100 Barrel Series” “Steve Stewart’s Firth of Forth” Ale (Massachusetts) – Apparently a Scottish-style ale, but it’s lighter and more refreshing than anything I’ve tried in that idiom…and lower-alcohol, as well. Taken on its own merits, it’s an excellent beer, with waves of flavor and decent complexity, but never losing its balance. (6/08)

[label]Harpoon “100 Barrel Series” “Old Rusty’s” Red Rye Ale (Massachusetts) – Toasty, almost bready, with crispness and a good deal of force. Sort of like drinking a silo, but in a good way. I like this beer. (6/08)

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