And a riesling by his trade

Boxler 1996 Riesling Sommerberg “L31E” (Alsace) – Bracing. Gorgeously semi-mature, its metals golden and its acids rounder but still crystal-clear as they pierce the wine’s heart. What residual sugar there once might have been (I no longer recall the wine in its youth) is now no more than a slightly clouded polish on the shiny core, though it would be difficult to say that the wine presents as “dry”…its aspect is too lavish for that. (11/11)

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  • David B

    February 4, 2012

    Some hope for a ’96 Riesling (from anywhere) is good. Every once in a while I glance at my ’96s and then turn away in fear.

    The Simon & Garfunkel pun is worthy of both praise and some sort of extended sentence.


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