Forsoni, but also for Hitachi

Forsoni “Poderi Sanguineto I e II” 2009 Rosso di Montepulciano (Tuscany) – This wine continues to encapsulate a “lost” Tuscany for me, though to be fair I have been so cynical, for so long, about the region that for all I know I’m missing a viticultural counterrevolution and quality without excessive artifice is once more ascendant. But probably not.

What I mean by the preceding is that there’s a culinary succulence to the region’s reds in their envisioned form, especially the simpler ones, and that more than anything else it’s the loss of that appeal (in favor of spectacle) that has damaged so many wines. That succulence is in display here, though the wine isn’t really that simple. If the fruit’s purple, it’s a very light purple, and what’s red is a very dark red, so meet somewhere in the middle and call it magenta-tinted – we are still talking about the fruit quality here, not the color of the wine – with nice acidity, brittle but balanced tannin that breaks quickly down into a suppler particulate form, and a fine, poised finished. A wine to buy and drink in quantity. Cellaring? I’ve only ever stashed one bottle deep enough to find out, but I suspect most will – like me – find the immediacy too tempting. (12/11)


  • jeannie rogers

    February 19, 2012

    hi Thor so glad that you got a bottle. the 09 is the best ever I think but what was so interesting about the vintage was that I opened a bottle and had a couple of glasses and put in a stopper and left it in my pantry and rediscovered the bottle on monday. I thought that it might be just o.k. but it actually was mesmerizing! lush, vibrant silky textures alluring on the palate and the nose- even after working with the wines for so many years I was shocked. we are getting a tiny bit more of the 10 white and the 09 rosso soon but then comes the 09 nobile!!! thanks again for drinking sanguineto. I actually had to buy two bottles at a store because we were able to keep 0 bottles for us. best jeannie

    • thor iverson

      February 19, 2012

      I don’t think I’m going to have any more success leaving it unconsumed for a day or two than I do keeping the wine unopened and cellared. ;-)

      But I do adore the wines.


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