Don’t cry for me, mondeuse

Péron 2009 Vin de Pays d’Allobrogie “Cote Pelée” Mondeuse (Savoie) – Tastes like Natural Wine™; Pop Rock-ish with the faux-fizz texture endemic to the category, a little brett (just enough to add aromatic complexity, not enough to cause nose-pinching), spiky and somewhat untamed acidity. What it adds in addition to the naturalista checklist are a chewier, dried plum fruit than is the norm, and also a wave-compression of tannin that one must push through to get to the midpalate. Made differently, I’d wager on this aging; as it stands, I’m staying out of the gambling business. It’s very, very good, but do note what it is (and isn’t) before proceeding. (11/11)

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