TN: John Clessé

Guillemot-Michel 1998 Mâcon-Clessé (Mâcon) – Served blind (by me), with confused guesses. This initially appears to have great balance, with a big, juicy arrival of tangerine and orange rind, plus complexing skin bitterness on the finish. However, it quickly turns angular and ungenerous. Closed? Dying? Disappointing? The latter, for sure. (5/07)


  • Tom Martin

    July 2, 2007

    2007-07-02 Tonight I opened the 2002 Qunitaine from Pierrette et Michel Guillemot-Michel. The nose is Asian pear with mineral notes. On palate, tt has a tense balance of acid and fruit. Pierette and Marc have farmed their 7ha near Clesse biodinamically for over 15 years. Their Quintaine is not fat and rich. It is angular and decidedly apart from other Macon and Burgundy Chardonnays. I enjoy it for what it is and am not disappointed for what it is not.

    -Tom Martin

  • thor iverson

    July 6, 2007

    Sure, but the 2002 is a better wine all around.


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