Prinz von Hessen 1999 Winkeler Hasensprung Riesling Auslese 018 00 (Rheingau) – Creamy and well into its dark copper stage. In other words, much older than it probably should be, but not showing apparent damage as a result, only mature lusciousness and ambered sweetness. Completely spherical, without any sort of interior void. I admit to being surprised by this wine, and in a very pleasant way. (2/11)


  • The Wine Mule

    February 21, 2011

    "Completely spherical, without any sort of interior void."


    I recall drinking a '99 Dr Bürklin-Wolf Ruppertsberger Gaisböhl Riesling Spätlese Trocken that produced a sensation rather like being inside a peach…so I guess it must have had an interior void…

    Never mind.

  • thor iverson

    February 21, 2011

    I often say to people that they should read my notes like Yes lyrics: listen to the sound of the pretty syllables, don't look too closely for meaning amongst the words. ;-)

    In any case, what I actually meant was that there was no sort of midpalate hole or fall-off, as there can sometimes be as these wines get old. Obviously, this one isn't "old" by the usual standards of an auslese, but everything else about it tasted old, so I thought the interior fulsomeness was worth mention.


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