The Bruery “Orchard White” Ale (California) – More “ale” than “white,” so those for whom the spicing and froth of true white ale are a bit much will probably be well-pleased. For me, it’s a handwave at a style, but in failing to achieve that style lessens even its base qualities. (4/10)

The Bruery “Black Orchard” Ale (California) – Vibrant and vivid, full of deep and rich flavors. Unfortunately, one of those flavors is rubber. Still, the rest is appealing, and though this is the complete opposite of a quaffing beer, and both demands and requires attention, the rubber can be ignored. Almost. (4/10)

The Bruery Saison Rue (California) – Not fresh, as I expect a saison to be, but rather leaden. If this was labeled as a Trappist knockoff, I’d be unsurprised. As it is, I’m merely whelmed. (4/10)

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