[barrel & tank]Scholium Project 2006 “San Floriano del Collio” Rocky Hill (Sonoma Mountain) – The reddest of all the wines; this could easily pass for a dark rosé, rather than an orange wine, and at 16.9% alcohol it’s pushing what few boundaries remain. Par for the Scholium course, I guess. Grassy and greasy, yet with sharp-edged pistachios, some fatness, and (big surprise) noticeable alcohol. Anise, as well, plus maraschino cherries and rather intense minerality. In its less admirable moments, it also smells more than a bit like a fetid poire william eau de vie, but I don’t mean to be overly discouraging; I like this more than I’ve ever liked a Scholium Project wine (granted, the competition for this title has not been fierce). (7/09)


  • abe

    January 12, 2011

    somehow I have never seen these notes before. I came to them because they were the referrer pages for two visits to my site this month.
    I love the comments. Honest, to the point, and (what can I say)– they seem dead on. One need not agree with everything. thanks.

  • thor iverson

    January 15, 2011

    Thanks, Abe. I admit that a lot of what you make confuses me, but I understand that to be part of the intent, so I accept it as it comes. Keep up the interesting work.


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