Stop, look, Cornelissen

[vineyard]Cornelissen “MunJebel 3” 2006 Sicilia Bianco (Sicily) – A blend of carricante, grecanico dorato, and coda di volpe, served blind. There’s absolutely no way to guess what it is, of course, other than that it’s yet another member of the “orange wine” set, and this time much closer to actual (cloudy) orange than most of its cohorts. As for the wine? Mixed citrus, perhaps leaning a bit towards blood orange, with a very citric acidic presence. There’s a miasma of lambic-like yeastiness, a thick dryness that would appear to be tannin (though I might be misattributing something), and then an interesting interplay of peach and pomegranate on the finish. Papaya too? Sure, why not? A fascinating wine. I like it a great deal. (4/09)

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