Mary Steenberge

[label]van Steenberge “Monk’s Café” Flemish Sour Ale (Belgium) – The sourness here is cherry-esque, and while it’s dominant it does not dominate. Fresh and appealing, yet with more than a little seriousness. (4/09)

van Steenberge “Gulden Draak” Ale (Belgium) – Frothy, spicy, and while it’s heady by feel, it lacks just a slight bit of substance. This is a quibble, though; the ale’s quite fine. (4/09)

van Steenberge “Bormem” Double Abbey Ale (Belgium) – This is a terrible beer. Just awful. (4/09)

van Steenberge “Bormem” Triple Abbey Ale (Belgium) – The only virtue of this over the Dubbel of the same name is that there’s more alcohol. Otherwise, it’s pretty much worthless. (4/09)

van Steenberge “Augustijn” Ale (Belgium) – Good, straightforward Belgian-ness (octane, sweet spiced stonefruit, etc.), but lacking additional complexity. (4/09)

van Steenberge “Piraat” Abbey Ale (Belgium) – There are some differences between this and the Augustijn, but they’re generally unimportant; the beer’s largely the same, though with an extra wallop of hoppiness that really doesn’t add or detract much. (4/09)

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